Monday, 6 February 2012

A Prisoner of Birth.. & United States Most Wanted Criminal Jody Thompson's Prison Break.

Today I borrowed a novel from the library called A Prisoner of Birth written by Jeffrey Archer. It looks like an interesting book. Also, a couple of friends recommended it to me so I believe it shouldn't disappoint me. I plan to finish it within this week and I will definitely write a review on it. This book reminds of this incredibly remarkable documentary I once watched on the National Geographic channel. It was about this successful prison escape attempted by one of the most wanted criminals in the United States in 2005, named Jody Thompson. Below, you can see a picture of  the actual criminal. The documentary had an actor who I thought closely resembled Wentworth Miller from the show 'Prison Break' and for a long time I assumed perhaps the show was also inspired by this documentary. That is not so, though. 

Anyway, the documentary narrates the entire story in first person, of his incredibly creative and meticulous planning, his hypersensitive senses and quick thinking that lead him to use a furniture delivery truck to escape the prison! His is one of the prison escape success stories that are definitely worth a watch! I was so impressed by his luckiness on so many incidents and also his calm and laid-back manner in dealing with stressful situations at hand. Especially, how whenever the police chased, he managed to surprise even the trained and experienced officers by outsmarting and outmanoeuvring their collective planning single-handedly! I, actually, inwardly felt joy every time he skilfully dodged the police. The guy had a personality! 

When he was finally totally surrounded by the police and had absolutely no lucky chance of escaping any more, he was smart enough to surrender rather than risk getting shot. His surrender wasn't any less dramatic. He called 911 and told the operator that he was one of  the United States' most wanted criminals who was ready to surrender. Imagine the surprise for the operator! :D The following video is a short trailer of the documentary. If you are interested in watching the entire documentary, leave a comment below and I will post that link for you too. If you are an adventure-lover, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one! :D

And by the way, today I was forced to sit in a Media class with friends where I attended a lecture on News reporting. I'm glad I did though because it was kind of informative. I found out how the word NEWS was coined.. I always thought it originated from the word "new"; meaning something new that needs to be told, hence News. However, to my surprise it's an abbreviation for North, East, West and South. :o I'm really surprised I didn't know that! 
Anyway, if you have any comments about the novel 'A Prisoner of Birth' or the famous story of the prisoner, Jody Thompson, please feel free to use the form below! :)

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  1. Hello, thanks for your comment over on my blog! :)

    I haven't read this book, in the UK Jeffrey Archer is much better known as a former politician who ended up going to prision for perverting the course of justice... who now writes books (it is the same person!).

    1. Oh, I didn't know he was a politician before. That's an interesting little introduction you gave about the author. :D
      Thank you for your comment. :)